I have created a presentation to present my self a little bit more. Please check it out if you want to get a better idea who I am.

This presentation was created to get my foot into the game industry back in April 2021. Since then a lot of things have changed on my skillset and my personality has changed too. 

But I still want to keep it online as you can get still a glimpse of my personality which I find important. In comparison I'm today even more passionate, even more excited and even more committed to game development. I love to work in a team, with all of the different personalities and experiences.

If I have anything learned since I work now in the games industry is that I love to connect people, to fill bridges and to help everyone reaching goals. Together, as a team and a vision. Besides of all the programming work, I love art. Therefore I do consider myself a technical artist, as I love art and tech.

Application Presentation